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Saturday, November 5, 2011

I put a gag order on my closet...

So lately I've been realizing that of the thousands of dollars worth of clothes in my closet, I've been gravitating to the same two pairs of pants, two dresses and 4 shirts every week. Depressing. Even more depressing that the other clothes - the clothes that I LOVE - don't fit. And every time I walk into my closet I can hear them taunting me..."your thighs are to fat to squeeze into me, try the black pair to the left, fatty!" and my favorite dress sneering, " you have any idea what your hips are going to look like when I'm draped over you? I wouldn't wear me if I were you!" Ugh. It's like standing on stage at the apollo and being heckled by my own clothes. Each week I talk myself up with "I'm going to hang that size 6 skirt right where I can see it and it will inspire me to stay on track this week..." instead it's like that size 6 skirt stares me right in the face and let's out a good ole belly laugh.

So I've decided I've had enough of my clothes having a good laugh at my expense. It's time to rise above this and stifle the feelings of defeat. Instead I've decided to remove the rowdy hecklers from my closet and replace them. I'm not getting rid of the clothes that I know I'll be fitting back into in 6 months or so...I'm just going to box them upn and slide them under the bed. Instead I'll choose from the larger size clothes and revel in the fact that they'll feel loose and too big in a month or so. And besides, I'd rather hear my size twelve tell me, "You look good sister!"

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  1. I do the same thing! I have 2 pairs of black pants I wear to work EVERY week...