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Monday, November 7, 2011

Gimme 5 - the first 5 pounds that is!

Make that 5.6 pounds to be exact! Having the skinny clothes hidden safely under the bed definitely did help a bit. But what I noticed helped the most was my thought process. I've been paying attention to what happens when I throw it all out the window and binge after 3 or 4 days of being "good" on my program.

What I noticed is that even though I wake up at 5:30a.m. every day to make it to the gym, and then eat perfectly all day long - when I get home there's an invisible switch that I must be flipping that sends me into auto-pilot. The problem with my auto-pilot is that he cruises at an altitude of 2,000 calorie dinners and 500 calorie desserts. After dinner I end up barrel rolling straight into the butterfinger ice cream while I sit and watch Auction Hunters and the newest episode of Pickers - not even thinking about all of the hard work I had put into the day.

So, as lame as this may sound I came up with a solution, that for now seems to be working. When I find myself struggling, I just list my accomplishments. Not only do I list them - but I go into detail in my mind about how great those accomplishments made me feel. When I get an emotional connection to achievement I find my mindset suddenly changes to what else I can accomplish - and suddenly the tug of war with the doughnut or cupcake just seems to be a whole lot easier to let go of.

As Loreal put it, "I'm worth it". 

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